OBD Fusion - OBD2 vehicle scan tool & diagnostics App Reviews

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Works like a charm!

Really handy app! Really clean design. I really love it!

Top product

I have used 2 other "free" obd apps. They had some usefulness, but if you want to really be able to get codes and clear codes and do all the things a great obd reader should do, here is your app! I use it on Land Rover, Aston Martin and GMC vehicles.


This app is crap never works always crashes

Goals met

Works as expected, requires some tuning but can be done

Great OBD

This seems like the best one of the OBD apps. I tried the others, but paid for this one.

Add on purchases are handy features

I had some issues but was able to work with tech support and they were able to provide timely fixes in the beta version.


Honestly this app didnt work for me it crashed and didnt allow me to add Bluetooth but after that it would be crashing during the process later when I closed the app it wouldnt open I would give 0 stars but cant

Good application

Easy to use. Rich functions

No VW Airbagfault delete

So far a nice Tool but you are only able to read pending faults as when the MIL lamp is on. There is also no way to clear Airbagfaults on my VW. The Gauges are great and the logging mode also.

Works well, but has room for improvement

I really like this app overall. Interface is relatively easy to learn and navigate. The only major improvement that Id love to see is a display for min and max on the digital display type. Its nice on the analog display, but doesnt give an accurate number. Having a clearly displayed min and max would be great.

Works great

Works great and easy to use, a little laggy sometimes but I think thats just the wifi connection not the app itself

Much better than Carista

I purchased the enhanced diagnostics for Toyota and it could clear the codes that carista failed to clear. I wish they will implement a customization feature that I can customize my car options just like carista.

Useful, cheap alternative

This app works great and is a very inexpensive alternative to OBD scanners on the market right now. Granted this tool only lets you do basic things in comparison to high end scanners, it still does everything you need to do to reset DTCs, get exact trouble codes, or even give you your real time MPG. Ive been using this app for over a year and it has come in handy for a few small issues with my car, and has actually taught me a little more about my car. Recommended buy, accompanied by a 15$ wifi scanner this is a very helpful tool that will pay for itself.

Needs work

Right now it gets a 2 star rating because it will not stay connected for me.

Easy and quick

I havent explored the full capabilities of this app, but its very convenient to be able to get the OBD 2 codes, and have the app look them up automatically.


I have found this app to be extremely useful in identifying problems and clearing codes.

Awesome Update

Its really good to know that you are working on the enhanced tools for the popular cars in the market. I cant wait until you release the Nissan versions. Good work!!!

Simple, effective, useful

Quite possibly the best of the many obd2 apps out there. Would like the ability to do a bit more with the dash gauges (like set two pids to the same gauge) but otherwise does exactly what it needs to

Very Useful and maintained by developers 5/5

App is well worth the cost! This app is super helpful. Also the logging is really handy, if you record data you can email all the data to yourself in standard .csv format or export it to Dropbox etc. you can also generate a vehicle report formatted as a web page (.html file) and save it to Dropbox, email, etc. It works great with a generic ELM327 wifi adapter I bought on Amazon for under $20. If you are mechanically inclined this app can be really helpful in figuring out whats wrong with your car. I had a smog monitor that wouldnt set, but that also would not set a check engine light or pending code. After logging and inspecting the data I found a faulty O2 sensor was preventing one of the banks from going into closed loop mode, which was preventing the monitor from setting. Another nice thing is the dashboard display. You can configure and customize it to your liking. You can even show your estimated MPG (miles per gallon) on the app even if your cars gauge cluster doesnt have mpg. There are some manufacturer specific PIDs you can import from the settings in the user defined PID subsection. You can also enter in your own custom PIDs as well if you know what you are doing :) Ive never tried the Apple Watch app this has, but the regular iOS app is fantastic!


Does everything I wanted and more. Great app support. Highly recommended ??

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