OBD Fusion App Reviews

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Please add the German language then the app would be great

No VW Airbagfault delete

So far a nice Tool but you are only able to read pending faults as when the MIL lamp is on. There is also no way to clear Airbagfaults on my VW. The Gauges are great and the logging mode also.

Pleasantly surprised

After much thought with regards to the competition I settled on obdfusion. Pleased so far, easy to use and reasonably intuitive app with lots of eye candy with regards to gauges. Dashboards are very configurable. Complaints about not being able to connect to bluetooth ELM modules has absolutely NOTHING to do with the app - theyre not compatible with the iPhone so NO OBD software will work with them! People dont read before buying!

Well made app

I am using this app for measuring the speed of the vehicle. Apart from the occasional connection drops the app is functioning well. The setup was very easy and the interface is easy to use.

Way beyond my expectations

I reluctantly purchased OBD Fusion really to see if it could surpass my suite of vendor specific OBD tools. Well it has. When it comes down to diagnosing engine issues, be it on a Ford, BMW or Aston Martin- I inevitably turn to OBD Fusion for its ease of use and in depth analysis ability. Well worth the price and likely the best value item in my toolbox.

OBD fusion

Great app

Good stuff

I can read all parameters on my 2016 ram diesel

Great app

Can not be better! Works great with my veepeak adaptor!

Goals met

Works as expected, requires some tuning but can be done

Language Russian

Thank you very much for app!!! Please, update language pack Russian. Очень хочется на Русском языке.

Gr8 App for Hot Rodders!

Shows you whats happening live and in person. Needs to be able to display on the Sync console in Fords. Doesnt seem to like music to play over blue tooth or cable at the same time.

Difficult to connect

My car malfunctions every time i try to connect it. All dash lights come on and the car shuts off. Very scarey. Im done trying to connect this this app. What a waste of $10


The user interface is superior to similar OBDII apps that Ive tried. The information supplied is much more detailed as well. Excellent!


Best scanner app!!!! Keep up the good work!! Any chance for 06 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9l enhanced package? Would gladly buy that.

Great app

Connects fine. Good aesthetics on the custom dashes. Can use it to do a pre-check, so there arent any surprises when I take my car in for a smog check.

Fast, featured, need GM PIDs

Yeah good, neat and fast. No substitute for DashCommand technically.

Neat and Effective OBD Scanner

For the most part I would recommend this app for its simplicity and ease of use, however it doesnt really pinpoint everything down to a tee, but again dont expect a whole lot from just this purchase. There are additional features available for diagnosis but you must pay a little more for those features. This is a neat app that has lots of parameters to look thru like engine temp fuel consumption etc. I scanned my dads truck and it pulled 3 codes which dropped clues as to what was causing rough engine idle and told me which cylinder,etc. Ive had connection issues when using the app. Could be my OBD scanner not sure. Great app for general engine diagnosis. ??


I like it and its easy to use


Pretty Darn Good. I only wish it could do more like test and control transmission functions.

Great app

Cheap insurance to monitor engine

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